Most Expensive Cup of Coffee-Costa Coffee

As previously mentioned in another post, finding inexpensive coffee in China is like finding a diamond in the rough… or whatever that saying is, but basically it’s a rarity. The most popular and most common coffee chains I’ve seen so far are Starbucks and Costa Coffee. While I’m pretty familiar with Starbucks, I had never seen a Costa Coffee before arriving here. So apparently, it’s a British chain , but I don’t believe there are any branches in North America, at least not yet in Canada. So when we were at the railway station waiting for our train, my friend and I decided to grab a coffee to drink at Costa Coffee. And FYI, probably the most expensive coffee I’ve ever had haha, cost : 33 RMB =$6.60 CAD for a small cup of flat white whoa….. Anyways since my friend insisted I try it since she claims it’s tons better than Starbucks (Disclaimer: I rarely drink Starbucks anyways, my usual is Tims or McDonalds)

Anyways, my verdict is 8/10 in terms of taste and flavor, pretty concentrated, not alot of sugar and it tasted somewhere between a latte and a coffee. But for the price, I would probably just stick to drinking canned Nescafe or instant coffee here. Would I come back again? Yes and No…… If a friend insists on coming or trying Costa, sure thing but by myself no…. there are better things I could be spending my money on… ie. food 🙂



Hangzhou Trip

So, haven’t posted anything for 8 days as I just recently came back from a short trip to Hangzhou, capital city of the Zhejiang Province (still considered eastern China, I suppose). From where I’m currently located, Wuxi to Hangzhou, it takes about 2 hours more or less depending on which type of train you are taking (G, D, K, T, Z) . But anyways, my next few posts will be catching up on what I have been up to these past couple of days so stay tuned !






White Coffee Review

IMG_1987IMG_1988IMG_1989As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been recently trying instant coffee to substitute for my daily Tim Hortons coffee and so last weekend when going to the supermarket I saw a sale for white coffee. And when I compared the prices between regular coffee and this so called white coffee, white coffee was by far more expensive, approximately double the price. So without hesitation I decided to try this white coffee and see what it’s all about..

so what’s the final verdict ? 8.5/10 for me ! It’s much creamier , richer and sweeter than regular instant coffee it’s like more of a hybrid of a French vanilla with a regular coffee so really liked it as I have such a sweet tooth 👌🏻😅 I would buy it again at the supermarket!



Dinner Time

Not sure if I forgot to mention, but the breakfast, lunch and dinner times of the school cafeterias (4 in total for the entire school) are fairly early compared to Western standards for when our meal times are at. Breakfast here starts at 6:30-9:30, lunch 11-1 and dinner 4:30-7 but by the time the end of those breakfast, lunch, dinner hours, the serving and availability of food gets quite limited. So I’ve been getting accustomed to eating breakfast.. actually eating breakfast, eating lunch at 12 or just before and dinner by 5pm. Anyways, I find that it’s a good thing and bad I guess as well since there’s more time to digest and walk off what I’ve eaten but at the same time, I easily get hungry at night.. So for today’s dinner with the scorching summer heat and high of 32C today, I had a plate of cold noodles, slabbed with some vinegar, hot sauce, cucumber pieces and peanuts. I’ve never eaten this dish until I got here as my family is from Southern China (Guangdong Province) so we eat more rice and dishes, less noodles. But I’m trying to try a variety of different Chinese foods here that I normally would not eat back at home.


Instant Noodle Review

So yesterday after going all out on my trip to the supermarket, I bought a few cups of instant noodles (3 to be exact). Well, normally I don’t have the habit of consuming instant noodles on the regular since it is an unhealthy habit but I do have the occasional cravings. So passing by the instant noodle aisle in the supermarket made me want to have some here as well although well I’m pretty sure instant noodles would taste the same everywhere since many products from Chinese supermarkets in Canada are imported from China anyways… But without further adue, this is my review of the Nongshim Brand Beef Cup Noodles.

8/10- Broth is a bit spicy, so if your not a fan of spicy, put less powder in? But then if you don’t put in the powder, there’s lack of flavor, so for those that dislike spicy I suggest you don’t try this one. But like any instant noodle, there’s no substance except for those dehydrated vegetables haha. I quite liked the broth taste although it’s  basically just MSG. Anyways onto the next 2 to determine which one tastes the best!


The time I watched a 40 cents movie…

So I had previously watched a movie about 2 weeks ago I believe, Aliens: The Covenant and that was a pretty similar atmosphere to movie theaters in Canada and that cost 24 RMB ($4.80). Yesterday as I had recently subscribed to a mobile movie theater app, I had discovered that this select movie theater had discounted some of their movies to 2 RMB!  ($0.40) so I decided to take ahold of this opportunity and watch a 40 cents movie…. Somehow I convinced two of my friends to join me in watching a horror movie. Anyways, little did I know, I now understand why the movie was reduced to 2 RMB… It was probably one of the movies that no one watches unless its 2 RMB. It was a low budget horror film that wasn’t even scary to say the least with unknown Chinese actors… I would give it maybe a  5-6/10 rating. So next time I see a 2RMB movie alert pop up, I may pass on the movie but who knows? maybe I had an off time and maybe there are great movies playing for only 40 cents.

Today’s Lunch

So I know I’ve been doing a lot of food posts lately… and trying to keep my posts a bit more varied and interesting but honestly I haven’t had too much time to sit and write and my phone ran out of battery for a good chunk of the day … Note to self: always keep a charger on you ! I always have my charger when I don’t need it and when I so desperately need it , I don’t have one….


Minute Maid orange juice (2RMB) with a small portion of wontons in soup (4RMB). Again if you recognize the cutlery you will know that this is from the school cafeteria. Wontons are filled with minimal stuffing only pork , but I mean it’s well worth it given it’s price…


A closer look haha

Oreos in China

There’s a wide variety of snacks in China as opposed to back home in Canada, where basically all our snacks are a copy or borrowed ideas from our lovely neighbors, the Americans. Anyways, I have not explored all the snacks here yet but I want to touch upon oreos and wanna say that besides the normal flavours of original or chocolate filling, Mondelez China has really stepped up and has a wide offering of oreos.


Lemon Cheesecake Flavored Oreos- These are oreo thins with the lemon cheesecake flavor filling, TBH i was really excited but then when I tried them it was pretty underwhelming… as the flavor was not strong enough, but I guess it’s good for those that like things that are mildly flavored.


Tiramisu Flavored Oreos-Oreo thins with the tiramisu filling and like the lemon cheesecake filling , it has a pretty mild flavoring…

So what’s my final verdict? Although the thought and idea of these different oreos are pretty good, it did not satisfy my sweet tooth and so I probably will not be getting these again next time I’m in the supermarket since there are so many other snacks to try haha.

What’s For Lunch?


牛肉酸辣粉 (Niu Rou Suan La Fen) – Translates to Beef Hot and Sour Noodles… Had this for lunch today at the cafeteria… probably one of the more expensive meals I’ve gotten recently for 12 RMB and it wasn’t too filling. But definitely good to try something new! So what’s in it: beef, seaweed kelp, tofu, tofu noodle and the “hot and sour noodle” which is a type of potato noodle. I would recommend this to those who are a fan of noodles are the noodles are pretty good and glutinous if you know what I mean haha.