Most Expensive Cup of Coffee-Costa Coffee

As previously mentioned in another post, finding inexpensive coffee in China is like finding a diamond in the rough… or whatever that saying is, but basically it’s a rarity. The most popular and most common coffee chains I’ve seen so far are Starbucks and Costa Coffee. While I’m pretty familiar with Starbucks, I had never seen a Costa Coffee before arriving here. So apparently, it’s a British chain , but I don’t believe there are any branches in North America, at least not yet in Canada. So when we were at the railway station waiting for our train, my friend and I decided to grab a coffee to drink at Costa Coffee. And FYI, probably the most expensive coffee I’ve ever had haha, cost : 33 RMB =$6.60 CAD for a small cup of flat white whoa….. Anyways since my friend insisted I try it since she claims it’s tons better than Starbucks (Disclaimer: I rarely drink Starbucks anyways, my usual is Tims or McDonalds)

Anyways, my verdict is 8/10 in terms of taste and flavor, pretty concentrated, not alot of sugar and it tasted somewhere between a latte and a coffee. But for the price, I would probably just stick to drinking canned Nescafe or instant coffee here. Would I come back again? Yes and No…… If a friend insists on coming or trying Costa, sure thing but by myself no…. there are better things I could be spending my money on… ie. food 🙂



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