Instant Noodle Review

So yesterday after going all out on my trip to the supermarket, I bought a few cups of instant noodles (3 to be exact). Well, normally I don’t have the habit of consuming instant noodles on the regular since it is an unhealthy habit but I do have the occasional cravings. So passing by the instant noodle aisle in the supermarket made me want to have some here as well although well I’m pretty sure instant noodles would taste the same everywhere since many products from Chinese supermarkets in Canada are imported from China anyways… But without further adue, this is my review of the Nongshim Brand Beef Cup Noodles.

8/10- Broth is a bit spicy, so if your not a fan of spicy, put less powder in? But then if you don’t put in the powder, there’s lack of flavor, so for those that dislike spicy I suggest you don’t try this one. But like any instant noodle, there’s no substance except for those dehydrated vegetables haha. I quite liked the broth taste although it’s  basically just MSG. Anyways onto the next 2 to determine which one tastes the best!



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