Dinner Time

Not sure if I forgot to mention, but the breakfast, lunch and dinner times of the school cafeterias (4 in total for the entire school) are fairly early compared to Western standards for when our meal times are at. Breakfast here starts at 6:30-9:30, lunch 11-1 and dinner 4:30-7 but by the time the end of those breakfast, lunch, dinner hours, the serving and availability of food gets quite limited. So I’ve been getting accustomed to eating breakfast.. actually eating breakfast, eating lunch at 12 or just before and dinner by 5pm. Anyways, I find that it’s a good thing and bad I guess as well since there’s more time to digest and walk off what I’ve eaten but at the same time, I easily get hungry at night.. So for today’s dinner with the scorching summer heat and high of 32C today, I had a plate of cold noodles, slabbed with some vinegar, hot sauce, cucumber pieces and peanuts. I’ve never eaten this dish until I got here as my family is from Southern China (Guangdong Province) so we eat more rice and dishes, less noodles. But I’m trying to try a variety of different Chinese foods here that I normally would not eat back at home.



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