The time I watched a 40 cents movie…

So I had previously watched a movie about 2 weeks ago I believe, Aliens: The Covenant and that was a pretty similar atmosphere to movie theaters in Canada and that cost 24 RMB ($4.80). Yesterday as I had recently subscribed to a mobile movie theater app, I had discovered that this select movie theater had discounted some of their movies to 2 RMB!  ($0.40) so I decided to take ahold of this opportunity and watch a 40 cents movie…. Somehow I convinced two of my friends to join me in watching a horror movie. Anyways, little did I know, I now understand why the movie was reduced to 2 RMB… It was probably one of the movies that no one watches unless its 2 RMB. It was a low budget horror film that wasn’t even scary to say the least with unknown Chinese actors… I would give it maybe a  5-6/10 rating. So next time I see a 2RMB movie alert pop up, I may pass on the movie but who knows? maybe I had an off time and maybe there are great movies playing for only 40 cents.


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