Oreos in China

There’s a wide variety of snacks in China as opposed to back home in Canada, where basically all our snacks are a copy or borrowed ideas from our lovely neighbors, the Americans. Anyways, I have not explored all the snacks here yet but I want to touch upon oreos and wanna say that besides the normal flavours of original or chocolate filling, Mondelez China has really stepped up and has a wide offering of oreos.


Lemon Cheesecake Flavored Oreos- These are oreo thins with the lemon cheesecake flavor filling, TBH i was really excited but then when I tried them it was pretty underwhelming… as the flavor was not strong enough, but I guess it’s good for those that like things that are mildly flavored.


Tiramisu Flavored Oreos-Oreo thins with the tiramisu filling and like the lemon cheesecake filling , it has a pretty mild flavoring…

So what’s my final verdict? Although the thought and idea of these different oreos are pretty good, it did not satisfy my sweet tooth and so I probably will not be getting these again next time I’m in the supermarket since there are so many other snacks to try haha.


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